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Welcome to the magic world of Connie Elstun - Magic with live performing bunnies and birdies!
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Denver Colorado Magician Connie Elstun
Denver Colorado Magician Connie Elstun has great School party ideas along with a great selection of kids party entertainment.
Perfect, if you are looking for the best party magician for children, who offers a live bunny and bird comedy magic show!

Featuring The WOW Magic Show! 
It's a STEAM-based magic show that you could see live this Summer! 
Sunday, July 28th, 2019 at Noon
Denver Colorado Magician Connie Elstun wow's 2 sold out audiences at the WOW Children's Museum in Lafayette Colorado with her Magic show for children.
My WOW Funny Bunny Magic Show might work fantastic for your event too.  It can be performed in different show lengths,30 minutes to one full hour, perfect for a School, Library or Festival type event!  WOW stands for World of Wonder, because STEAM based magic lessons are included within the show.  I’m both a Magician and a Teacher and love to include a little educational value in my performances for children.  Also included are the delightful antics of my live funny bunny and bird who help make the magic happen along with several of our audiences members who are chosen to come up and help in front of the entire group.  Every child is awarded a prize for making the “magic from science” happen, and for being a great audience.  I am fully insured and can generate a performance agreement not to mention it is a really fun show for all age groups!
Denver Colorado Magic Magician Connie Elstun has great School Party ideas and shows!Or choose from a:

"Harry Potter themed Magic Show"

Connie Elstun is both an Educator and Professional Magician who specializes in Magic for Children at your school or at your home.  Yes, I'm the one you have heard of, who offers a Denver Colorado Harry Potter themed Magic Show for your child's Birthday Party!  Now, also available for your classroom events!

Denver Colorado Magic Magician Connie Elstun offers a Hogwarts Spells and Potions Magic Show.See us live at the Denver Public Library Hampden Branch at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 26th, 2019 or at the Valdez Perry Branch on Thursday, June 27th at 4:00 p.m.

Denver Colorado Birthday Party Magician Connie Elstun has a Harry Potter themed Magic show.Join Ms. Connie Elstun as she portrays her alter-ego, Professor Elstun Ravenclaw, as she helps young Witches and Wizards with their Spells and Potions.  She starts where Professor Lupine ended before his unfortunate mishap in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!

Choose either the 45 minutes "Spells and Potions show" that can be formatted for very young beginner Hogwarts fans or the one-hour "D.A.D.A. Show", a "defense against the dark arts" inspired program, written for children who live and breath Hogwarts like Connie does.

Can be customized for ECE!
Funny Bunny Magic Show

Join Comedy Magician and Entertaining Educator Ms. Connie Elstun as she takes a young audience on a magic adventure.  Watch as a helper from the audience makes a solid chocolate rabbit appear from a magic hat and then is magically transformed into a living breathing chocolate rabbit named “Super Chocolate”.  This funny bunny has brought with him a newspaper article all about the show showing another child from the audience blowing magic breathe and out flies a magic dove.  We try it, and it really happens!  The magic audience then turns a 4-inch magic wand into an 8-foot version among several other fun tricks and finally make magic prizes appear for everyone!  This show features the antics of a live performing bunny and his bird friends but stars the children from the audience, plus the children get to learn a couple of magic tricks to try later along the way!

I have over 300 repeat customers who choose to book one of my many show selections, again and again, some for over 20 years straight!   

WOW Children's Museum Lafayette Colorado and Denver Colorado birthday party magician magic Magician Connie Elstun magic show for kids party entertainment, School Party ideas with a special STEAM program, Public Library summer reading program and Harry Potter themed Magic Show.

I have Tons of 5 Star reviews like this one:
"Absolutely the best party magician I could have found for my Son's 7th birthday Party! Everybody loved Magician Connie Elstun and her Wizard Magic Rabbit Super Chocolate. Thank you from a Happy Party Mom from Denver Colorado."
-Melissa 5-11-19
Magic Magician Connie Elstun is an expert at Kids party entertainment with a Denver Colorado magic show for children.
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