Magician Connie Elstun - Amazing Elstuns
Welcome to the magic world of Connie Elstun - Magic with live performing bunnies and birdies!
Animal magic from Denver Colorado magician Connie Elstun as part of the Amazing Elstuns Public Library summer reading program.Amazing Elstun's Magic
Denver Colorado Kid's Party Entertainment magician Connie Elstun and her partner Amazing Dave Elstun have a fantastic show that features 2 School Assembly Magic show magicians! Yes, 2 magicians in one great Denver Colorado magic show!
Denver Colorado Birthday Party Magician Connie Elstun is part of the Amazing Elstun's Magic Show.  

The Amazing Elstuns provide a Comedy Magic Show that the entire family can enjoy together.  The comedy is hilarious and clean plus if you're looking for a magician with live animals this show has the funniest wizard magic rabbit who makes a second magic rabbit appear by performing magic tricks all by himself.  Well almost.  That's right, 2 magic rabbit's, magic birds, 2 magicians and an escape from the straitjacket of doom!
Denver Colorado School Party ideas specialist Magician Connie Elstun and Amazing Dave Elstun in The Elstun's Magic: Strength in Numbers show with a wizard magic rabbit.

The Elstun's Magic: Strength in Numbers Show with Denver Colorado STEAM program specialist Magician Connie Elstun and Amazing Dave Elstun at a Harry Potter themed Magic Show.Call or text: 303-594-2555
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Who are the Elstuns and why are they Amazing?

The Amazing Dave Elstun

Amazing Dave Elstun partner of Denver Colorado Magic Magician Connie Elstun at one of their parks and recreation camp programs.The Amazing Dave Elstun is a seasoned professional magician and comedy actor in Denver Colorado who started his career as a magician for children as a spokesman and Elementary School Magic Show act for AAA called "The Safety of Magic".  He became one of the country's best street performers and then moved on to his most remembered character playing "Mr. Money" for the Lodge Casino in Blackhawk Colorado. You can catch his comedy now as the Star of  The Lumber Baron Inn and Garden's "Icing Bridezilla" comedy dinner theatre.  Recently, he has been a featured solo magic act for several other Casinos in Colorado , New Mexico and Arizona performing a "Magic of Winning" show.  Both Adult's and Children will walk away from the show saying "That's Amazing Dave"!

Denver Colorado kid's party entertainment specialist with great School party ideas Magician Connie Elstun.Ms Connie Elstun
Denver Colorado Magic Magician Connie Elstun is a Denver Colorado Native and a Professional Magician for children who is also a Professional Educator. With an extensive background in performing arts, She is a curriculum writer for the Arvada Center of Performing Arts and Humanities Art's Day responsible for her award winning magic workshop that is part of the National Endowment for the Arts classroom study. It is only one of her award winning educational programs.  She worked with NASA, yes that NASA on an educational entertainment endeavor as they were preparing to launch Orion with a Science Magic program called "The Super Science Magic Show".  Not only is she funny she is creative too!  Magician Connie Elstun was named as the most Creative Library Magician by the Denver Public Library and The friend's of the Public Library summer reading program 2015.
Denver Colorado Kids party entertainment from Magic Magician Connie Elstun and Master Magician Amazing Dave in The Elstun's Magic: Strength in Numbers Show with a comedy magic bunny for children and adult audiences.

The rundown

Here is a rundown of what you will see when booking Dave and Connie's Magic Show.
  • Great stage presence and rapport from two seasoned professional magicians 

Magician Connie Elstun offers educational entertainment along with kids party entertainment.  She is a Magic Magician filled with school party ideas. She offers a super science magic show as an after school enrichment or elementary school magic show. She is number one in kids entertainment.  She offers educational entertainment in a history lesson on Marvel Superheroes called Super Rabbit that would be perfect for kids birthday entertainment too.  It fits in well with great children party ideas.
  • Magic rabbits and magic birds! Yes, a magician with live animals who can customize your program to fit your needs 

  • A Family Stage show great for every audience from a Blue and Gold Cub Scout Magic show to entertainment for Seniors and everyone in between

  • Professionally performed magic trick with a live dove appearance

  • A comedy straitjacket escape with clean comedy and audience participation
Denver Colorado Public Library summer reading program STEAM program by Magician Connie Elstun.

Are you ready to book or have more questions?

Call or Text Ms Connie at 303-594-2555

Call or Text Amazing Dave Elstun 720-939-4076
Denver Colorado STEAM program Magic Magician Connie Elstun has great school party ideas like a history of Marvel Superheroes Magic Show that can be used as kids party entertainment.

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Denver Colorado Public Library summer reading program summer of 2016 Amazing Dave Elstun with rings in Winter Park.Denver Colorado Magic Magician Connie Elstun in action as a magician with a rabbit with kid's party magicians in a Denver Colorado Public Library summer reading program.We have a customized School Assembly Magic show and a Traveling Denver Colorado Public Library summer reading program too! For years now our wonderful School and Library Customers have been asking me to put together a combined show with my husband and partner Amazing Dave Elstun and that is what the 2016 show is all about.  Strength in numbers stands for the two of us bringing a message of success by working together to the children and their families.  My hilarious magic rabbits "Shazam the Wizard" and "Candy the Clown" and a surprise visit from a couple hilarious birds.   

Did you see DAVE and CONNIE in a LIVE performance of:
Denver Colorado STEAM program Magic Magician Connie Elstun has great school party ideas like a history of Marvel Superheroes Magic Show that can be used as kids party entertainment.  If you are shopping for a Denver School assembly magic show or Public Library summer reading program then Denver magician for children Connie Elstun is your best choice in the magicians in Denver category.The Elstun's Comedy Magic Show
"Magic, Marriage and Mayhem" at the Gilpin County Fair?  

If you did please walk in and say thank you to our sponsors at Affinity Gaming's Mardi Gras Casino in BlackHawk Colorado!  

Each year Amazing Dave and Ms. Connie take turns entertaining the families attending the Montview Carnival Fundraising Event.  They were the featured act with Governor Hickenlooper's speech in between on the 50th anniversary of the Montview Pre-school.

Denver Colorado did you know that Magic Magician Connie Elstun has creative party ideas for children including a STEAM program.Maybe you saw us at The Taste of Colorado or at First Night Ft. Collins with The Elstun's Comedy Magic Show for New Year's Eve!

We could make the show for grownups only easily, but have always prefered a family audience!

When you book a dose of the Elstun's " Comedy Magic" show  you get two professional college educated Theater people as your 
The Elstuns Magic: Strength in Numbers Show poster board with Denver Colorado kids party entertainment specialist Magician Connie Elstun at a Harry Potter themed Magic Show. Magic team in this Family Stage 

We are a great Family New Year's Day Show!
You also get the beautifully performed Magic of the Amazing Dave who can make you disbelieve your own eyes with an array of prestidigitation. 

You might remember Dave and his portrayal of the Lodge Casino's Mr. Money seen at their special events and advertisements.  You will also get the hijinks of Miss Connie Elstun who is both a professional magician and entertaining educator with the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities located in Arvada Colorado.  And Miss Connie comes complete with her lively costumed Rabbit and funny bird named Bernie.  You also receive a heavy dose of medicinal mayhem, perfect for your Halloween parties, in the form of roll in the isle Comedy from this hilarious Duo.  Our prices are affordable and the show can be performed in an hour or 45 minute length version. We can even pair it up with a little walk-around Magic for your special event.
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You could book this show with the fairy tale included or you could have the same show that was featured at First Night Ft. Collins New Year's Eve Celebration....