Magician Connie Elstun - Cub Scout Magic
Welcome to the magic world of Connie Elstun - Magic with live performing bunnies and birdies!
Pack 500 with the Amazing Elstuns comedy Blue and Gold Cub Scout magic show with Denver Colorado Magic Magician Connie Elstun.Cub Scout Magic
A professional show from 2 past scout den leaders:
"Cub Scout Comedy Magic Show" 
by the Amazing Elstuns!

Can you believe we have Comedy, Magic, Performing Animals and Fun all rolled up in one fantastic professional show that features scouts from your own Webelos I & II, Bears, Wolves, tigers/bobcats and we even include your Den Leaders, Parents, Siblings and Cubmaster in the fun!

Denver Colorado Magic Magician Connie Elstun has a great Cub Scout Magic Show as part of her kids party Entertainment choices. If you are looking for a denver kids magician you have found the best denver magician Connie Elstun.Let's chat!
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Denver Colorado STEAM program Magic Magician and birthday party magician Connie Elstun offers a Harry Potter themed magic show that is a great school party ideas!A Denver Colorado Harry Potter themed Magic Show performed by STEAM program Magic Magician Connie Elstun works great as a Blue and Gold entertainment or Cub Scout Magic Show.
This delightful show stars the Amazing Elstun's!  Two seasoned Magicians with a personal fondness for the Scouts as both were past leaders along with the antics of live performing bunny and bird!            
Denver Colorado Magic Magician with great school party ideas and an official STEAM program, Magician Connie Elstun.Denver Colorado Magic Magician Connie Elstun has the best Cub Scout Magic Show in the denver metro area.  She also has the best Birthday Party Magic Show or magic workshop camp!
Connie and Dave  Elstun use Comedy to recount the seven years well spent as Den Leaders for both of their own grown Son's Cub Scout Packs and what a pleasure it is for a Parent to spend quality time with your boys.  It is truly is Magic.   
Magician Connie Elstun has great school party ides for educational entertainment and kids party entertainment for afterschool enrichment Halloween Parties with Super Rabbit in a Funny Bunny Magic Show. She is a Magic Magician with children party ideas.
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