Blog Bunny is Connie Elstun Comedy Magician and Entertaining Educator from Denver Colorado!
Welcome to the magic world of Connie Elstun - Magic with live performing bunnies and birdies!
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Blog Bunny is Connie Elstun Comedy Magician and Entertaining Educator from Denver Colorado!

One Flew over the cuckoo's nest- Highly recommended for film study

Film Study
Films that made a difference

When counterculture novelist,Ken Kasey wrote One flew over the cuckoo's nest  he created a character named Randle Patrick McMurphy literally.  Played impeccably by Jack Nicholson who makes this film dance with intense highs and brutal lows.  The film itself is bipolar. With a back up cast from Heaven and a Antagonist from Hell. It all fits in this 1975 Academy Award winning best picture drama that made me want to run from the Theater like Chief ran from the institution.

Film to put on your must watch list- I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang

From my best of the best list #10 out of 10 Academy Award best picture nominated films that didn't win but should have: 1932's "I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang".

Absolutely amazing work from Actor Paul Muni. It will send shivers down your spine and should join "The Grapes of Wrath" in its portrayal of 1930's Depression era America. Brilliant and political changing in its day.  It joins Citizen Kane for a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes for a nominated but didn't win champion film.

Beautiful Song Lyrics: Comfortably Numb/Pink Floyd

Happy Holidays from a Full Blood Witch!

I am not only a Comedy Magician and Entertaining Educator in my everyday life I am a devout Pantheist.   I honor and respect all that is alive including other humans and their beliefs. As diverse American humans we have a lot of celebrations going on in the Yuletide of December.  

Today is Human Rights Day and as part of our American Human Rights you get to choose your faith, your sexual orientation and how educated you would like to be.  This news is awesome considering these choices are not Worldwide options.

Helpful Hints from a Full Blood Witch: The Luna Hare

All young witches and wizards have open minds and love to learn new things!  December has many forms of celebrations but they are all tied into the original reason for the season, the Solstice.  The Yule or Winter Solstice is coming up on December 21st at 5:44 am EST. The Solstice season brings the idea of decorating with light and the stories of the Luna Hare and Yuletide Rabbit!

Man has for centuries respected, even feared, the hare because of its perceived powers of solitude and remoteness.