My dog Phinn's Rescue Story
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My dog Phinn's Rescue Story

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Whenever I see a post where someone is trying to find a home for dogs in need I try to help by sharing.  Sharing a "help me" post for an unfortunate animal does help! After all, that is how I became "Mom" to my beloved dog Phinn.  Here is Phinn's rescue story. 

His long name is Phineas T. Elstun and he is one of the best dogs I have ever had the privilege of sharing my life with. As self proclaimed Colorado history buffs my husband Dave and I named him after Phineas T. Barnum to give our new dog a warm welcome to our Mile High or more State.

It's been 4 and 1/2 years ago or so when a great dog like Phinn found himself in the terrible predicament of being abandoned in a rental house in Las Vegas Nevada. Unbelievably his previous people left him there to die with no food or water.  His fragile condition told his rescue workers that he was there for about a week. He was rescued by animal welfare workers and then needed foster in-home care to rehabilitate his emancipated little body. Think about how hot Las Vegas can be. 

Once Phinn grew strong enough my Facebook friend who is an angel in disguise Magician  Murray SawChuck  posted Phinn's photo on Facebook. Murray a dog lover to the maximum, is always offering help to dogs in need by volunteering both his time and fantastic magic skills for fundraising efforts to the local shelters.  If the Angel Paws group had not intervened, Phinn would have been taken to Vegas's notorious fast kill shelter. He was so thin and frail no one would have adopted him in the 72 hours they keep them.

The good news is the procedure to get him here was fairly easy with the help of one of the animal rescue group workers named Sue who stepped up and helped me get Phinn on the plane to Denver. She kept Phinn at her own home until he was healthy enough for travel then took him to the Vet who had offered his services to get all of the vaccinations and paperwork ready.  We had used United Airlines cargo shipping as he had no humans traveling with him.   He was a 9 month old puppy on an incredible journey.

I will never forget the day we finally saw him in person.  It truly was mutual love at first sight. The cargo fellow in charge of animals already had him out of his crate and was walking him around with a big smile on his face as Phinn is such a loving and trusting pup.

Adopting a dog who has been in such great peril has been rewarding.  Yes, it has taken a little extra patience as Phinn was never trained to do anything.  He is such a good dog with a great personality he took to it all with a positive attitude.  He never has had an accident in the house, never chewed up anything and loves us and his dog Sister Madeline with all his heart. The feeling is mutual.

To this day Phinn still has problems eating or should I say not eating and his Vet says it is a result of being starved as a puppy. He had to gain 15 pounds to be considered in a healthy range.  After a whole lot of coaxing I am happy to say he now weighs 31 pounds and is in great health!  He is a great dog!

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