The Oscars 2016 recap
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The Oscars 2016 recap

Well the televised 2016 Oscars was about as scripted, preachy and boring as it could be.  Come on people.  Choosing all, or most, token Black presenters was more racist than what the people were protesting.  Comedian Host Chris Rock nailed the controversy in the beginning but then used it as a running gag instead of leaving it alone.  Someone should have said what I say to my dogs "leave it".  It made all the other platforms look preachy too.  Even the ones that I greatly support like environmental, vegan/vegetarianism,  recognition of the indigenous peoples and Earth abuse. Thanks Leo for helping.
Last night's winners list included several platform films including Best Picture- Spotlight about the important Journalistic role the Press played in bringing the accused  Catholic Priests to the Public's light for their years of sexual abuse on children.  The Danish girl's Alicia Vikander  took home a supporting actress  Oscar about the tolerance and patience a woman has to undergo when married to a crossdressing bi-sexual man.  Leonardo Dicaprio took home the Best Actor Oscar and Brilliant Best Director winner  Alejandro González Iñárritu  for their work in The Revenant a brutal film about the atrocities to Earth and Nature during the unkind and unthinking fur trapper days of the 1850's.

See all winners here:

Beautiful acceptance speech from Director Alejandro González Iñárritu for his work with the Reverent.  Which reminds me that this brilliant filmmaker is from Mexico City and started his acceptance speech in Spanish.  I believe that he is a talented man of color.  By what was being preached last night the only people of color recognized were Black people.  And that my friends is a swift kick in the teeth to all the up and coming Latino and Latina filmmaking students. 

Lady GaGa rocked it although she came in with a platform too.  It did accompany the song she performed "Until it happens to you" about forced rape.  She was accompanied by 50 or so rape survivors which made for an impressive scene and she was announced by Vice President Joe Biden.  In all fairness his announcement for her was a little preachy but he is such a likable fellow it was overlooked.  Happy to see George Miller and the Aussie's do well with the new Mad Max film.  I hope it spurs another and another.  But never another Oscars show like last night.  For the first time ever I was inclined to turn it off. 
Let me award this Oscar to you for your work in The Wolf on Wall Street, What's eating Gilbert Grape, Romeo and Juliet, Titanic, Django Unchained, The Basketball Diaries, The Departed, The Great Gatsby and the Gangs of New York, among many others.

You Rock Leo!

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