Looking for ghosts at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery
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Looking for ghosts at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

I love a great ghost adventure and have even taken to spending my vacation time looking for ghosts.  I've seen orbs, heard voices, felt cold and hot spots and have seen a full apparition before but never have I been fortunate to capture a spirit on film.  The best ghost photo is one taken at the Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in the Chicago suburbs, screened from the city by the nearby Rubio Woods Forest Preserve, lies an abandoned graveyard widely believed to be the most haunted place in the region. Over the years, more than a hundred different hauntings and otherworldly encounters have been reported in Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, from floating orbs of light above gravestones to a phantom farmhouse and a two-headed apparition.  The young woman in the photo to the right is an apparition captured on film in 1970. 

Once part of a larger settlement, the land that became Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery was set aside for use as a burying place in the 1800s, when the body of its first permanent resident was interred there. The cemetery was originally called Everdon, in honor of Samuel Everdon who donated the property. According to those who lived and worked near the cemetery, it was once much like a park, with the nearby lagoon used for fishing and swimming.

Reports of the paranormal began surfacing in the 1950s, though Bachelor’s Grove had already earned a sinister reputation. Gangsters from the 1920s and 30s allegedly used the area to dump bodies and hide illegal firearms.

By the 1960s, the number of funerals at Bachelor’s Grove had dwindled to near zero. By the time the final burial took place in 1989, vandals began raiding the site at night, knocking over and stealing headstones. According to some, coffins were even dug up and corpses desecrated.

As Bachelor’s Grove slipped into abandonment, reports of nefarious activity intensified. Forest rangers patrolling the area reportedly found the remains of animals that had been ritualistically mutilated, along with other evidence of occult activities. 

The number of ghostly encounters grew as well. Some of the earliest reported phenomena involved orbs of blue light appearing above graves and seemingly moving with intelligence. Another strange tale tells of a phantom farmhouse. Though seldom seen in the same place twice, the building is said to almost always appear as a white homestead with wooden columns and a porch swing on the front porch and a lantern burning in the window. If one tries to approach the phantom structure, however, it starts to shrink, receding with each step until it disappears altogether.

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