Helpful hints from a Full Blood Witch
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helpful hints from a full blood witch
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Helpful hints from a Full Blood Witch

In my Denver Colorado Harry Potter themed Magic Show I play a full blood Witch named Elstun Ravenclaw. She is the 7th cousin twice removed of Minerva McGonagall.  The first question I am generally asked by children and some pre-teens is are their real Witches? Yes, there are is my response.  They call themselves Wiccans now and no they can't fly on broomsticks. Most of the holidays that Americans celebrate came from a Pagan holiday.  Many Wiccans still celebrate the original counterparts.

The modern Sabbats that many Wiccans and Neo-Pagans now follow are: 
Imbolc (February 1 Groundhog Day)
Ostara (Spring Equinox, Easter)
Beltane (May 1 May Day)
Litha(Summer Solstice, Midsummer)
Lammas (August 1, Harvest)
Mabon (Autumn Equinox)
Samhain(October 31, Halloween) 
Cú Chulainn going into battle in theTáin Bó Cúailnge, which was said to have begun at Samhain.
Irish mythology was originally a spoken tradition, but much of it was eventually written down in the Middle Ages by Christian monks, who Christianized it to some extent. Nevertheless, these tales may shed some light on what Samhain meant and how it was marked in ancient Ireland.

Irish mythology tells us that Samhain was one of the four seasonal festivals of the year. The 10th-century tale Tochmarc Emire ('The Wooing of Emer') lists Samhain as the first of these four "quarter days". In the tale Serglige Con Culainn ('Cúchulainn's Sickbed'), it is said that the festival of the Ulaid at Samhain lasted a week: Samhain itself, and the three days before and after. They would gather on the Plain of Muirthemni where there would be meetings, games, and feasting. The tales suggest that alcohol was part of the feast, and it is noteworthy that every tale that features drunkenness is said to take place at Samhain.

Yule (Winter Solstice around December 23rd)
In most forms of Wicca, this holiday is celebrated at the winter solstice as the rebirth of the Great horned hunter god, who is viewed as the newborn solstice sun. The method of gathering for this sabbat varies by practitioner. Some have private ceremonies at home, while others do so with their covens.

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