The Elstun's Ghost Hunting Adventures- Riverside Cemetery
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The Elstun's Ghost Hunting Adventures- Riverside Cemetery

The Elstun's Ghost Hunt favorite:

 Dave and I like to get down and dirty! We ghost hunt as a hobby.  We stroll through cemeteries, enjoy root cellars and abandoned hotels.  We love haunted houses but more than anything we love finding portals to other dimensions.  

The most activity we have ever experienced was backstage at the Birdcage Theatre in Tombstone Arizona.  It brought me to tears, literally.  Stay tuned, that story will come.

Denver has it's own active portal with as much energy as the Birdcage at the historic Riverside Cemetery just north of the city.  It's uniqueness and inhabitants along with it's history makes it one of my favorite ghost hunt spots.

Several unmarked graves are filled with mix matched bones because of the underhanded activity of the many flimflam men told of in Denver's rich history.  You see, the city of Denver hired hooligans to dig up all the graves in the city cemetery known today as Cheesman Park and move them to the outlying Riverside park. They would pay per body so of course the con-artists split up the bones to make more money.  That is why legend says there are so many spirits of unrest at the Riverside Cemetery. 

Dave and I went on a moonlight tour a few years back and found the most orbs we had ever seen.  Orbs are moving spheres of light that are thought to be the energy one might leave behind after passing.  There was at least 1000 of them in the most heavily populated children's area.  We also were privy to an open private family mausoleum.  Wow so cool!  

The little "houses" you see in historic cemeteries have basements with stairs and that is where the coffins are lying.  Not buried, so just in case the 1880's way of thinking was true, that you might have been buried alive, you could get out easily.  

Some of Denver's most interesting historic figures are entombed there like our first murdered Prostitute, our first dancehall girl and our first Comedian who was shot because someone didn't like his joke. 

Donate your money and your time to save our history.  Save our cemeteries.

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Tanek George on Thursday, August 16, 2018 5:34 AM
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