Review "1917"
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Review "1917"
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Review "1917"

Review “1917” 2-7-2020
*a spoiler alert is at the bottom of this review!

I love an epic war film, and truly believe that “Saving Private Ryan” was robbed, so I anxiously awaited this Sam Mendes‘ bundle of love, dedicated to his paternal grandfather, Alfred Mendes, who lived through the chaos and tragedy of this event in WW1.   Mendes co-wrote this remarkably film, remarkably well.  A personal account or story that few know make the best screenplay. I saw this film in Dolby with a packed mixed house and that really enhanced it.  This film is meant for the big screen. And I do think it is the Public’s favorite as it’s financial report shows: Budget 90-100 mil, Box office 253.1 mil.

The Brutal History of a WW1 mission was told through the heart of two young British Soldiers who are tasked with delivering a message calling off an attack doomed to fail. One has a Brother fighting on the front- line. Colin Firth and Benedict Cumberbatch are the upper Officers in charge of organizing this deadly mission.  Their roles are supporting, and I do believe their Talents were slightly wasted.  

Spoiler alert! I had to get knit-picky, as this film has a real chance of winning best picture.  But, I place it in second place as it is not an Actor’s film.  Therefore, in the one of the most human moments it fails just a bit.  The death of a major character should bring on an extreme emotional reaction.  I believe that was limited because we had nothing to fall in love with, except for young men dying.  That in itself was emotional, but not enough.  I just don’t think we got enough of a back story. On the other hand, the encounter with the French girl with the unknown doomed baby broke my heart.  

It scores in my top 3 out of the 9 nominations. From 1-5 I give it 4.95

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