Blog Bunny is Connie Elstun Comedy Magician and Entertaining Educator from Denver Colorado!
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Blog Bunny is Connie Elstun Comedy Magician and Entertaining Educator from Denver Colorado!


John Billington The first Pilgrim executed.

Give thanks for history from Denver Colorado Magician and Educator, Connie Elstun.  If you follow me, you know how much I love history, especially, truthful American History.  This week most of America will be cooking up the dead bodies of near 155 million turkeys who were not pardoned.  Not for me though, I eat tofurkey.  Anyway, I came across this story of the first Pilgrim executed and I thought how appropriate for this Thanksgiving 2018 week.

Here is the story of John Billington, the first Pilgrim executed.

Pagan studies: Maiden to Crone to Goddess

Pagan Studies:

Pagans who follow Norse traditions see life as an ever-flowing circle. Contemplating this darker aspect of the Goddess teaches us that as well as everything Nature moves in circles, we as individuals also must do it, accepting death as a passage into another state, as valid and as much part of our lives as our own birth.

(Hel (1889) by Johannes Gehrts, pictured here with her hound Garmr.)

The Crone can be associated with the Waning Moon, and the colours black, deep blue and the deepest purple.

Happy Holidays from a Full Blood Witch!

I am not only a Comedy Magician and Entertaining Educator in my everyday life I am a devout Pantheist.   I honor and respect all that is alive including other humans and their beliefs. As diverse American humans we have a lot of celebrations going on in the Yuletide of December.  

Today is Human Rights Day and as part of our American Human Rights you get to choose your faith, your sexual orientation and how educated you would like to be.  This news is awesome considering these choices are not Worldwide options.

Tisquantum and Thanksgiving

An American Hero: Tisquantum 

Did you celebrate a traditional American Thanksgiving yesterday with your family and friends?  Then you should thank early globalization, the horrors of slave trade, the inept abilities of a bunch of religious people called Pilgrims who couldn't get along with their own country and a young Native American man named Tisquantum (later shortened to Squanto).

Nine months after their arrival, roughly half of the 102 settlers who disembarked from the Mayflower had perished of hunger and disease.

Favorite Ghost Hunting adventure at the Stanley

The Elstun's Ghost Hunt healing favorite: The Stanley Hotel

One of the best Paranormal experiences was our midnight ghost Adventure at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park.  I was still semi-crippled with my ACL knee injury and hobbling but our group of other ghost finders were considerate and I made it through.   In fact there is a healing agent of some kind in the soil that the Stanley sits on.  That's why it was built in the first place.  I was so much better after this experience I was able to go horseback riding the next day.