Blog Bunny is Connie Elstun Comedy Magician and Entertaining Educator from Denver Colorado!
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Blog Bunny is Connie Elstun Comedy Magician and Entertaining Educator from Denver Colorado!


Irene Larson, co-founder of the Magic Castle dead at 79

RIP Irene Larsen, Magic animal rights coordinator and co-founder of the renowned Magic Castle in Hollywood California. Irene Larsen, co-founder of the Academy of Magical Arts and the private clubhouse the Magic Castle, died unexpectedly on Thursday February 25th at her Los Angeles home. She was 79. 
Magic Woman are unique individuals and as both Irene Larson and myself know we would like to leave this life with a unique story.  Irene Larson excelled on that mission by producing lovely magic children and grandchildren and a newfound respect for the little furry and feathered performers who find themselves in countless magic acts around the world.

R.I.P. Tom Mullica

Sadness.  I did not know Tom Mullica well but I felt like I did through his performances. I absolutely loved him. I met him at a Magic Convention once and had him sign a placemat for me. That keepsake is nice but nothing holds a candle to the memory of watching his artistry up close. He wasn't just good, he was great. 

Magic tends to be a bunch of boring tricks , sometimes funny and every once in a while clever in the hands of a Magician who just doesn't get it. Funny how that is.

MHMS Secratary Scribe January 2012

The Mile High Magicians Society has a long history and January is a perfect month to celebrate it by hosting Past President's night.  Our newly elected President Chad Darnell Wonder who is also a Past President 2004 served as organizer for a stellar evening of performances and more importantly reminisces of all the Past Presidents in the room.  Our eldest living Past President 1967 Lindsay Smith watched on as Past President 1971 Bruce Spangler and Kitty did a delightful look back on their year that included an unbelievable 24 meetings and a mutual trip to the SAM convention of that year held in Hawaii.

Review for Magic Monday Madness

I would like to congratulate every contributor who volunteered their skill and showmanship to make the Mile High Magicians Society's first annual Public Close-up show on Monday April 18th, 2011 a smashing success.  We sold the show to the public as a sophisticated close-up magic show the likes of which that may be seen on Magic Monday's in New York or at one of the many close-up nights at the Magic Castle in L.A.  The fans turned out in droves with a sale-out crowd.  We went over the fire-marshal's numbers and had to open a forth room at the last minute.  As planed the crowd consisted of mostly adults with a few kids here and there. I, your president Connie Elstun, was in charge of hosting one of the rooms at the infamous Lumber Baron Mansion located in the historic Highlands neighborhood in north Denver Colorado. My room was at capacity of 25.  A little more then we would have liked for close-up but that was ok since the evening was a fund raiser.  And raising funds was what it did.  We are planning on using those funds by becoming a better contributor to Magic in the Rockies a grand scale convention hosted by our brothers to the North at IBM ring 250. The dining room was hosted by our MHMS loyal editor John W. Davis who was given 15 fans including longtime member Sam Kent.  The mansion's parlor was hosted by Vice-President Chad "Wonder Darnell" and we manged to squeeze in 20 thanks to the efforts of The Lumber Baron's owner Walter Keller.  Earlier in the day Walter had hired people to remove a massive Victorian poker table from that room a little ahead of schedule to accommodate us.   Walter Keller runs an incredible bed and breakfast at the Mansion and also contributes to the Arts culture in North Denver by hosting themed Murder Mystery's through-out the year including magic themed shows called the "Vanishing Act"  starring the Amazing Dave Elstun and a different chosen magician head-liner each month. The third floor ball-room became involved when the Denver fire-marshal explained that we needed hall-ways to be kept clear and open.   The ballroom was base for 27 magic fans including the Magic Wake Family.  The Amazing Dave Elstun hosted and establishment owner Walter Keller open the second bar area for the upstairs guests. We had six incredibly talented magicians who showed their close-up skill perform.  They moved from room to room and gave equally to each and every attendee.   First up in my room was a new fellow on the seen here in Denver Matthew Brandt.  Chosen for his natural ability to entertain this likable 20 something did not disappoint.  He had the audience captivated with a "paper-cup instead of paper bag" and "nail instead of knife" hand "stab or not stabbed trick".  First they gasped and then they cheered when the cup with the nail was not crushed and no one was injured.  I predict great times ahead for this new comer.  In between acts the patrons were treated to a stretch and a refreshment at the cash bar located in the mansion's dining room.  They also were permitted to check out the array of wonderful Victorian decor through-out.   Second up was funny guy "The Magic Dude Shawn Preston" and his magic balls of steel.  Shawn is a main stay on the Denver night-life scene and it shows.  His comic timing was a pleasure and his multiplying bunnies rocked the house.  Of course it never hurts to invite someone who actually does look like a male model to entertain.  As my audience seated themselves waiting for the next performer I thought I might like to tell them about the resident ghosts that live with-in the Lumber Baron making it famous among ghost hunters across the country. Unfortunately they were not to be seen or heard on our magic night.   Next up Brandon K. Parker another relatively new performer from Boulder.  Brandon was very funny especially with his references to his hair cut matching that of teeny bopper idol Justin Beeber.  One of his stylized card effects included one audience member who could only say yes and her male companion who could only say no. A riotously funny situation to say the least. Next into my room which is considered the back-parlor room was local magician Gregg Tobo.  Gregg thrilled the audience with his array of non-card tricks including a skillfully done set using first mini-rings and then thread.  Gregg's laid back approach was taken as "cool" therefore reassuring the audience that this was a stylish close-up show.  We were lucky in our room to have Gregg be followed by Nationally acclaimed coinjurer David Neighbors.  I watched as all the eyes in the room were focused on David's skilled hands as he makes the coins vanish into thin air.  Giddiness filled the air as each of the audience members made sounds of disbelief.  David Neighbors is a Master at coin close-up work. To end the evening I invited each guest to look at the overnight accommodations that Walter had left open for observation and to of course come back and enjoy a Murder Mystery Dinner theater package. Our final performer in my room was the incomparable Gene R. Gordon.  Gene is a Master at card sleights and is becoming quite the comedian.  He delighted chosen audience members to a special rendition of one of his card tricks using his own personal business cards.  Everyone thought it was cute until they became dumbfounded when the chosen card was predicted on one of those given business cards.  It was a sensational way to end a sensational evening.  The first in a long line of Mile High Magician Society Public Close-up shows.   This was the proof that everyone needed.

Dan Sperry and Rudy Coby

The magic community just finished a great couple days here in Denver!  Fox television magic celebrity and my personal magic God Rudy Coby came to lecture the Mile High Magicians Society on Thursday March 24th.  He then joined up and coming super star Dan Sperry of tv.s "America's got Talent" in a brilliant full stage show intellectually titled "Dan Sperry's Anti-Conjuror, magic no longer sucks show".
The lecture:
  This was one of the best lectures we have ever hosted here in the mile high magic city.