Blog Bunny is Connie Elstun Comedy Magician and Entertaining Educator from Denver Colorado!
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Blog Bunny is Connie Elstun Comedy Magician and Entertaining Educator from Denver Colorado!

Science is all that matters

Science is all that matters.

Contrary to popular belief hell hasn't frozen over yet in 2016 and we have a big problem right here in river city folks.  Trees all over the Country are breaking their dormancy and re-budding or downright sprouting. Pay no attention to folks like Dr. Ben Carson, he is a primate as are we all, and Science is Real. It is all that really matters. The Human primate like any other mammal can not exist in an environment without our BFF trees.

Over generations, trees have proved adaptable to gradually changing environmental conditions. It’s when environments change rapidly that trees, like most of us, get into trouble. One alarming possibility about global climate change is its potential effect on the timing of dormancy in trees. If the pace of global warming exceeds a native tree’s ability to adapt, it may well lead to some very strange things happening in the woods. Some tree physiologists have suggested that certain trees might not receive enough chilling to break dormancy (much like sugar maples from Vermont that don’t break dormancy when grown in Georgia). Research continues, and although absolute predictions are few, there are suggestions that different tree species will respond differently to climatic warming and this could seriously alter their competitive abilities, their survival, and, eventually, their regional distribution.